Fondazione Lombardia Ambiente

The FLA Learning Centre represents a new point of reference for the city, an element – also symbolic – of urban regeneration, a sign of architectural quality aimed at the environmental quality. Its layout is configured in an elliptical shape interrupted in more points to derive the accesses to the building; on one side, the one towards the city, it is sectioned by the clear line of the façade to generate a wing onto the square. The Seveso river and the urban context are the elements with which the learning centre intends to interrelate. The façade completely in glass is well integrated into the city and shows the different activities of the FLA on the outside. The strategic use of the colour contributes to make the architecture vibrating and lively. During hours of darkness the glass façade takes on the role of a two-dimensional screen on which the colours of the interior – through the light – are summed up.