Architecture is also Nature
We draw our inspiration from nature to bring well-being into the living environments.
Harmony from Nature
We design spaces with natural materials.
Quality is in Our Home
We improve the quality of indoor air and environments.
"The most beautiful things happen when you follow your heart. From love of nature derives the desire to follow it and bring it into the art of interior design. We create oases of quietness and experiences of peace."

The person in its uniqueness is always at the centre of our projects. We intend home and workplace as environments where to regenerate far away from contemporary stress and frenzy.

We run and coordinate the process from the conception to the realization of your desires: Project of new buildings - Restructuring – Interior design and furnishings – Gardens and terraces – Works supervision – Cost checking
How we worK
To realize your plans we need to know you better. Therefore the first step will be a fact-finding meeting to understand your concept of nature and realize a tailored design.  

Beauty and harmony of natural living are the objectives we achieve, involving, when needed, different professionals in a holistic vision of the design.

Air quality, natural and artificial light, natural and sustainable materials, colours and textures are the elements that give shape to the places we design for your living well-being.

our team

Vilma Cernikyte
Designer, Architect
"Live to the tune of nature"
My background is Baltic. I spent my childhood on the Lithuanian lakes and the North Sea, amidst the beauty and strength of nature. My education started from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius, where I learned to see the world from the viewpoint of the artistic expression in relation to the Landscape and Nature. I came to Italy following my passion for the design and I got a Master at the Domus Academy as one of Andrea Branzi’s disciples. I continued my studies of Lanscape Design and Architecture at the Politecnico of Milano, of which I am also a teacher. I started my professional activities in Milan and in Vilnius after a work experience in Trentino in the field of the well-being and natural living.
Giuseppe Marinoni
"Live to the tune of the metropolis"
I was born in Milan. My education started from the degree in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, where I am teaching, and continued with the PhD in Projects and e Urban Policies, focusing on the dual passion for the dynamic metropolis and the relaxing natural and agricultural landscape. I started my professional activities and the one of research on architecture and the city in1985 with projects in Italian and foreign cities, and writing books about the evolution of the contemporary city. I live between Milan, London and Berlin, cities that have been able to combine the intensity of metropolitan life with the environmental values of parks and gardens. These are the values that I bring into the internal spaces as well, which I design for the places of work and living.
Oasis Home deals with INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE aimed at the WELL-BEING of people and the care of the environment. Guided by INTUITION, supported by the research and led by the design, we create exceptional spaces. OASES OF LIFE far from the frenzy of the contemporary rhythms. Start from your own being, benefit from NATURE and the art of design, to generate spaces of reflection, creativity and inspiration in EQUILIBRIUM WITH YOURSELF.
FACT-FINDING MEETINGS in our studio in Milan or in Skype. According to your needs and budget, we will be able to find modes more suitable for you. The preliminary meetings are free.

COUNSELLING AND GUIDANCE for interior design, to give a concrete form to your needs. We are at your disposal for surveys in order to conceive the aesthetics, the functionality and the feasibility of the intervention, also checking the costs. As for the consultancy the price is to agree.


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